the Story

The Fidelity Files is a comedy that follows the story of Jennifer Hunter, a mid-twenties, no-nonsense woman who has a sexy but a typical job: she’s a fidelity inspector. Suspicious housewives, girlfriends, and fiancées hire Jen to spy on their partners and use her good looks to attempt seduction and see if their men are the cheating type.

Jen believes she is doing women a service, catching cheating men in the act and preventing a lifetime of heartbreak. However, Jen lives a double-life, as her friends and family know nothing about her job.

Who will you choose?
Your best friend or your soul mate?

When Jen’s best friend, Sophie, finds out about her secret career, Jen is afraid she may lose their friendship, which is the anchoring rock of her lonely life. When Sophie suddenly gets engaged to a famous Australian sports star and decides to move to Australia, Jen decides she will repair their friendship by using her “skills” to test out Sophie’s playboy fiancée and make sure he’s the right man for her.

However, everything blows up in Jen’s face when she takes the job too far, accidentally sabotaging Sophie’s engagement and realizing that to save their friendship she may just have to let her best friend go…

the Film

The Fidelity Files is a comedy along the lines of Bridesmaids, He’s Just Not That Into You, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Wedding Planner. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous internationally- selling novel and sequel Love Under Cover, written by award winning writer Jessica Brody…

Produced by Bella Le and Aaron Jackson, The Fidelity Files is funny, sexy, and hilarious and will be a unique addition to the pantheon of great romantic comedies.

the Author

Portrait of Jessica Brody

Jessica Brody

In just four years, U.S.based author, Jessica Brody, has sold nine novels. Her hit debut, The Fidelity Files, became an international seller and was immediately followed by the sequel, The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Men (aka Love Under Cover).Released in April of 2010, The Karma Club was Jessica’s debut into her Young Adult novels collection. Her second YA release, My Life Undecided, hit bookstores in June 2011 to great fanfare.

Brody’s latest book, Unremembered, the first of a new teen sci-fi/ suspense trilogy, was released in March 2013 and was nominated for the YALSA “Best Fiction for Adults” list, and was chosen as “Best Book of March” by Amazon and iTunes. Brody’s books are published and translated in over fifteen foreign countries and have a strong fan base dedicated to the stories told in her unique voice.

Original Book Cover - The Fidelity Files

French Book Cover - The Fidelity Files

 French Version

UK Book Cover - The Fidelity Files

 UK Versions

German Book Cover - The Fidelity Files

 German Version

“Critic Reviews” 

The Fidelity Files

Sisters unite! this is a total revenge fantasy for anyone really tired of men with overactive zippers.

– USA Today (hot summer reads pick)

Think Jennifer Garner in Alias’ mixed with Jennifer Love Hewitt in Heartbreakers… the reader benefits from her misadventures and discovers that all too many fail the fidelity test. 

– Dame Magazine

Think Jennifer Garner in Alias’ mixed with Jennifer Love Hewitt in Heartbreakers… the reader benefits from her misadventures and discovers that all too many fail the fidelity test. 

– Dame Magazine

The Fidelity Files will mainly be set in Australia and shot locally. The film seeks to put Australia on the map in international filmmaking with its unique cultural perspective and its spotlight on Australia’s beautiful iconic landmarks.

the Team

Isabella LeoneProducer

Melbourne based producer Isabella graduated with a BBUS, majoring in Accounting. Isabella is the sole founder and director of the independent film production company – Kardia Films Pty Ltd, which was established in 2013.

As an award winning Filmmaker, Isabella has produced a number of films that have been premiered in film festivals worldwide in such places like Australia, USA and Europe.

Aaron JacksonWriter

Aaron Bergman Jackson is an L.A.-based writer. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Jackson has worked in New York City, Los Angeles, and Melbourne, Australia. His work has premiered in international film festivals and won multiple awards, including a spotlight in Entertainment Weekly and an honor from the National Board of Review.

His screenplay, Wayward, was selected for the Oaxaca Film Fest International Screenplay Competition, and most recently his thriller short, The Shed, was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Nightmares Film Festival. Jackson was also a recent semifinalist for the Script Pipeline Competition for his screenplay adaptation of the novel The Fidelity Files.

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